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Alex Johnson of MSNBC is the hoax

By Al Sharpton

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Excuse me, Mr. Alex “Investigative Reporter” Johnson of MSNBC, but before you go calling people a hoax, maybe you should take a long look in the mirror. (If you don’t see your reflection, it means you are a bigot.)

I can assure you, I’m no hoax. When I said that Brett Favre was probably fighting dolphins against each other to the death with swords crudely attached by duct tape, it obviously wasn’t real; it was a METAPHOR. First of all, the adhesive in the tape wouldn’t hold up in salt water, and also, how many backyard saline pools have you ever swam in?

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The real story here is the treatment of no. 7. Please remember that before Michael Vick integrated the quarterback position, if a black men attempted to throw a forward pass, he was given a fifteen yard penalty. Laterals were frowned upon. And, you couldn’t even think about punting the ball.

Mr. Johnson, I will give you credit for taking interest in animal cruelty issues and would like to take this chance to pitch a couple stories that may raise awareness against other despicable animal torture practices perpetrated by beloved white athletes.

One loyal reader pointed out the danger of giraffes pumping holes in one another with machine guns (most likely orchestrated by Larry Bird). And also:

  • Cal Ripken’s llama throwing-star fighting
  • Wayne Gretzky’s ladybug flail brawling


8/24/2007 3:46 PM, New York

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Bukko in Australia:

Why should Alex Johnson be criticised for believing something that he later thought was a hoax? Many Americans thought there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (and many still do), and supported an invasion that has resulted in the deaths of more than a million people. So a dolphin-fighting quote palses beside that, pales like the fading stain of blood in the water 20 minutes after a really good dolphin fight.

I prefer to think of it not as a hoax, but the TRUTH, only in an alternative reality that is so much more interesting than the reality I'm stuck living in. You know, the reality where the world is teetering on the brink of economic collapse, environmental devastation and a new world war. I want to live in the NewsGroper reality!

BTW, it's GREAT to find a site where there are blogs by SO MANY famous and important people! I look forward to reading their innermost thoughts. I only wish I had a low-rated cable news network show that I could quote them on.

9/3/2007 10:07 PM


Poor Al doesn't seem to remember Tawana Brawley.
His memory must be fading. How many reputations did he
ruin with those accusations? Why does he see 'race' as
the reason for everything that happens when blacks are involved?

8/30/2007 2:23 PM


It's amazing to me how many other people seem to be taken in by the 'hoax.' It's no wonder our world is in the shape it is in. I read the comments regularly and lol.

8/25/2007 12:01 AM

Henry Hnyellar:

"...Moon, Williams, Cunningham..."

Marlon Briscoe predated all the above by about a decade.

8/25/2007 1:30 AM


ummm...ya'll are TOTALLY biting nationofislamsportsblog's style.

bunch of weak ass rip off artists.

8/27/2007 7:15 PM


You need to add a new banner item "Reference material for MSNBC!"

8/24/2007 6:43 PM


Awesome site. No surprise that MSNBC's fact checkers, if indeed these people do exist, were so shamelessly fooled.

8/24/2007 9:58 PM


Have you guys seen this site?

Think this was around before "Al"'s post?

8/25/2007 1:01 AM


How about before you try to look like you're playing it cool and make a point, you at least correctly use 'your', not 'you're'.

8/24/2007 7:25 PM

Walter E. Wallis:

A good hoax is almost always better than the truth.

8/26/2007 1:24 AM


Vick integrated the QB position... oh boy, there are some dudes out there who are going to really have to take a look at themselves a little closer: Moon, Williams, Cunningham, to name a quick few..
Come on AL you are BETTER THAN THIS.

8/24/2007 9:10 PM

spd rdr:

Hell, those weren't dolphins. They were porpoises!
Dolphins are wussies.

8/24/2007 9:42 PM


Uh... do I need to remind you of your signature on this????

Which and I quote "We are hopeful that authorities will take the appropriate action against anyone found guilty of an
atrocity as serious as dogfighting, and we will evaluate and monitor the prosecutors and judges
responsible for protecting the innocent and helpless"

8/24/2007 6:36 PM


I thought you would be interested to know that Alex Johnson is not the only journalist to quote "Sharpton" on this matter. So did John Sugg, editor of the alternative newspaper Creative Loafing:

Of particular note here is that this column of Mr. Sugg's was published September 5th, over a week after MSNBC's mistake was publicized.

9/6/2007 7:07 PM



This isn’t a racist comment but there has to be a token idiot somewhere.

2/2/2008 9:47 PM