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Al Sharpton’s Blog

Hey guys! Remember me? The original inflammatory black activist!

By Al Sharpton

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All these years, I've gotten it wrong. So wrong.

Before I go any further, let me make sure you remember who I am. AL SHARPTON. I used to be the most talked about, Googled, face-attached-to-a-dartboard black activist out there. And now? Yesterday's race baiter.

Jesse Jackson, my first instinct was to criticize. But only after your second round of headline-grabbing do I realize your genius. The key isn't to call out other people for foolishness, Tomfoolery, and a fool's gold. The key is to race-bait with your own comments.

Jesse, I have so much to learn. Will you teach me? I want our mentor-protege relationship to warrant a montage to a really cheesy 80s song.

What if I said John McCain is gay? Do I need to have a reason or is there no method to your madness? I think Nancy Pelosi has a penis.  And that John McCain had gay sex with that penis?

Am I getting warm? Jesse, let me know! I'm your # 1 fan!


7/17/2008 3:27 PM, New York

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tom villacampa:

Is it me or am I the only person who has been searching for a blog to express my extreme hatred for Al Sharpton. He is the most racist, hypocritical, fake human being on the planet. I wish someone would just put a piece of tape over his mouth and ban him from any more marching or protests. He stands for nothing other than BLACK POWER and MONEY, no morals or decency.

He is by far the most racist person and will forever put a racial barrier between people as long as he is allowed to publicly express himself.

I saw him being driven in his escalade through Manhattan and I wish I had told him how big of a douche bag he was.

I am calling for an exception on his freedom of speach. It would do us all wonders.

7/23/2008 10:12 PM


I am think of writing sacred work incorporating Dr. Sharpton's religious thoughts and his soulful dance moves as former James Brown roadie. Something like "The Dull Knife Blade of Dr. Sharpton". Catchy, maybe?

8/4/2008 12:32 PM


I am so very ill over the homosexuals attempting to highjack the civil rights movement. I recently read an advertisement : the Advocate calling gays the New Blacks. The truth is most gays are white, highly educated, privileged and in the medical and legal professions. I am appalled at this horrific crime against our people, as well as Jews, and Native Americans. We have endured horrific crimes against humanity that my grandparents and foreparents endured and they would be outraged that these people would try and trample on the blood shed by our people. Dr.King, Andrew Young, Rosa Parks and others were believing Christians with moral convictions that would never have endorsed this hedonistic abboration of the souls of men and women. The most godly and religious people in America have been African Americans; they have historically voted more conservative on moral issues than any other ethnic group. They have been considered the most homophobic ethnic group in America and that is why this attempt is so disdainful. Let these people develope their own platform. Besides if our people had ordained homosexuality we know that we would be extinct considering every attrocity America has done to destroy the fabric and social structure of black families. We know what abortion means. These things lead to the disolution of a races and people groups, and we are struggling against the conspiricies that have long be created to wipe us out . This has been the attempt every since slavery ended. We must denouce this act of treason against a people who have been more marginized than any other except the Native Americans by white suprecist and now by the homosexual movement which threatens to destroy the foundation and fabric of all societies that being marriage and the propogation of children by a husband and wife.

11/29/2008 3:23 PM


You, Gwen, are a small-minded woman who needs to increase your understanding of 'crimes against humanity'.

11/29/2008 5:18 PM

Larry the Cable Guy:

Woohoo! Kill the fags! GIT-R-DUUNNNNNN!!!1

11/29/2008 7:51 PM