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Al Sharpton’s Blog

Racism is over so I retire

By Al Sharpton

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Well that's it. You gotta know when your time is up. And now that racism is over, it's time to get out of the game. So as of today I step down from my post of race-baiter.

I'm like the type-writer repairman after the advent of the computer. Or the guy who invented the trampoline only to be outdone by aerospace programs. But as I step down, I do so taking 100 percent of the credit for stopping racism. And if you need more proof that racism is over, watch this video:

And if you need me, I am moving to Cancun.

11/6/2008 4:33 PM, Cancun

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Ann Coulter:

Al, have you forgot about me? I know I've been out of the public view recently (I can only suck the souls from righteous at night, never in the daylight). But, racism still tickles my itchy/trigger finger. Then, of course, there is Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Rupert Murdoch, Joe the Plumber, George W. Bush, and reportedly, even Bill Clinton. How can we inspire the type of hatred that we all feed upon without you around to repeatedly ignite the fire?

11/7/2008 9:17 AM

John McCain:

Racism's over? Damn, you should have told me that before I started running against a black guy. That was my ace in the hole!

11/9/2008 1:39 AM

Sara Palin:

I was listening to your show today and could not wait to get home and comment on statments made by some of your listners. I cannot believe that some of us sat by for four terms of the Bush boys and did say sh****t. Now they cannot wait until President Obama takes office before they start to making demands. Most of the people talking never thought it was important enough to vote when the Busch's were robbing and stealing. Please, let the man take office and be prepared to vote him in a second term because it will take at least that long to began to straigten out this miss. Once again we are our own worst enemy.

To the brother from Chicago Prsident Obama is President of the people meaning all people and coming from Chicago does not mean you should get specail treatment.

11/20/2008 12:17 AM

Angelina Jolie:

I want Obama's babies.

12/4/2008 12:23 AM

Angelina Jolie:

I want Obama's babies.

12/4/2008 12:23 AM

Mr. T:

Y'all. Racism is so over, I pity the fool who doesn't know that yet. More evidence at

12/4/2008 12:12 PM

George W. Bush:

I can't decide whether that blog is being serious or ironic. Then again, I didn't know what "ironic" meant until Laura explained it to me this morning.

12/4/2008 2:11 PM

Morgan Freeman:

Hello Reverend Sharpton - what does our Bible say about Jay Z's rap Tuesday night?
Do you think it was racist? Mean? Wicked? Please respond.

1/22/2009 5:49 PM


I see this as nothing more than a effort of a bunch of non-sense

2/18/2009 11:41 PM