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Al Sharpton’s Blog

My thinly-veiled rebuttal cartoon

By Al Sharpton

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I've said it for years, but it's clear that cartoonists, animators and yes, even comic book authors and graphic novelists are the biggest racists in the country.

Since I can't beat you guys, I will come up with my own thinly-veiled racist cartoon.

Col Allen, the Editor-in-Chief of the New York Post, is hosting a barn raising at his Hampton home. It's a chilly night so he decides he should put on a jacket. Problem is there was a freak paint can explosion in his closet the day before and all the coats, jackets and fleeces are at the dry cleaners. He improvises and decides to wear a white sheet instead. He gets chapped lips on chilly nights like this and once again he can't find which pair of jeans he last left his chapstick in, so he throws a pillowcase on his head for precautionary anti lip-chapping measure.

Col's guests arrive and would you know it, each and every one also had mysterious paint cans in their parlor closets explode so they are decked in sheets as well.

There's a great big oak tree that everyone's gathers around, and Col says, "This is my favorite tree to hang you know what on." He is of course talking about tire swings because of this one time he visited his uncle's farm in Liverpool as a lad, and he and his cousins spent a pleasurable afternoon in the springtime swinging and playing until dusk.

Just then Rupert Murdoch arrives. He is escorting a man of darker complexion who happens to have his hands tied behind his back with rope. "Just here with my friend for some BDSM role-playing," says Murdoch.

"That's awesome!" says Col Allen. "Do you want to go blow up a black church?"

Alas, they decide they are too tuckered out for a church bombing and instead call up their politician friends and have them un-absolve slavery in the country.



2/20/2009 11:55 AM, New York

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John Bryans Fontaine:

How the New York Post Monkey Cartoon Should've Looked

by Lee Camp

2/20/2009 2:59 PM

Yasuo Fukuda:

OK, Al Sharpton, I have always appreciated what you are trying to do. I agree things have not been good and it was ugly here in US for way too long, and I was ashamed.
But this time you are really wrong. ...and I am embarrassed again. You are dividing us by these things you are saying. I never see race until you do this, I want everyone to get along and it's so important we all just see each other as people and take care of one another...that's why I love President Obama, I can see his vision of how it should be, he is trying to create a better world...why not let the apology go? No one sees that image in connection with any person. Please do not dilute what the President of the United States is trying to do, you make people who are different uncomfortable being together. When Mr Holder said what he said I agreed with him, but I think you might want to find out why that is...the reason that white people and black people do not socialize enough is this very thing you are spotlighting right now, with nothing more than a thought of that Chimp that ran amok in the artists head...he equated this with Congress running amok. You did not get it, and white people do not understand why you would ever think this would be a reference to our President? Please stop. Please build bridges to understand and challenge others to do the same so that we are just all Americans. I would do anything for that to happen. You are a minister, and I respect that...I want God to be proud of how we conduct ourselves...let all talk. When you do this it make it look like your mission is based on making money, for the radicals...and really they never make anyone want to listen. (to claify radicals come in all shapes and colors...but they are just people)
Thank You

2/20/2009 3:53 PM

Bill O'Reilly:

Shut up. SHUT UP! Cut his mic. F***ING THING SUCKS! We'll do it LIVE.

2/21/2009 6:52 AM


mr al not so sharpton,

you, you are the biggest racists of all, I am sick of your racists comments, and charges, guess what, if you look like a monkeyk, act like a monkey, you are a monkey, so teh carton, wasmost appropriate and I liek ina free country where freee speech is allowed, not in Africam that reeks of genocide, tribes, AIDS, poverty, yea Al, that is exactly what I want here. If you dont like it, GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS

2/24/2009 3:24 AM


Why does color play such an important role in our lives? If it is not about black, brown, red, or white then it is about blue or red. We, as Americans, are consumed with color. We try to pretend that we are somehow enlightened, but we are not. And let me make this very clear, I am talking about everyone.

Lets start with race. We absolutely cannot avoid separating ourselves by race. Think of the political correctness of race today. African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, and the list goes on. I guess I should call myself an AngloFrenchNorwegienSpanishNative American, or perhaps I can just call myself an American? After all, that is what we are supposed to be right? A great melting pot of ideas and cultures is what we pretend to be. This is not exactly how we live though. We pretend to have pride in our ancestry and use it as a shield in order to separate ourselves from those that are physically different than us. We cling to this notion that it is a matter of pride that drives us into separating ourselves from others in this country. Terms like White Pride bring thoughts of racist whites who use hatred to validate criminal activity while terms like Black Pride are supposed to bring thoughts of pride in one's cultural history? How can this be?

I know this will be taken out of context and someone will call me racist for even writing these words but that could not be further from the truth. I would love to live in a culture that embraces our similarities more than our differences. We are still segregated by our differences. The difference in skin tone. That is where racism truly lies. If we could get past separating ourselves then we could possibly find common ground in which to become one citizenry that is capable of upholding our own constitution and offering a land of hope and possibility. Instead we choose to embrace separatist mentalities.

Black history month just passed by and what did we learn as Americans? My children learned that they have to see black people different than they see everyone else. This angered me as a father. I have tried to teach my kids that a person is to be judged by their character, not by skin color. Yet here they are in school being taught that black history is different than white history. Nothing could be further from the truth. Personally I am offended that it is considered "black" history. As an American I believe it is my history just as much as anyone elses. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did as much to change this country as Alexander Hamilton or any other name in history. Why must he be celebrated as a member of black history and not as a member of American history in general? We should be angered at such segregation in our country. Perhaps February should become cultural history month. A time in which we, as a citizenry of the greatest country on earth, focus on how beautifully diverse we are and how it is that diversity that has brought about such a great country.

As if being separated by race is not enough, we have to separate ourselves along political party lines too. How quick we all are at picking up political talking points such as, "socialism" or "obstructionism" or my personal favorite being an "inherited debt". We have become sheep of the political machines and of the mind-numbing media. I sit and I listen to all the various media outlets sharing their opinion about how I should feel, and being so willing to point out the wrong doings of the opposing political side, yet conveniently forgetting the same misgivings of their own political alignments. What happened to just reporting the news, all the news, all the time? No, we are not sheep. If we were sheep we would not be repeating the talking points of our favorite political analysts. Nope, we are more like parrots. We just sit around chirping out the mind-controlling talking points that the great ones on the hill have put together.

At some point, we will have to forget about the myriad of colors that separate us and focus on the ideals, and the shared dreams that bind us together. Only then will we truly see what humanity is capable of accomplishing. I just hope and pray that I will live to see such a day.

3/30/2009 7:47 PM