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I want to be a nonpartisan intergalactic space traveler when I grow up

By Barack Obama

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So Hillary’s campaign is alleging I wrote an essay in KINDERGARTEN and then again in third grade in which I saidI wanted to be President. And now she looks like the biggest freaking fool of all time. Hill, You tried to sling mud but slipped, fell and ruined your pretty pantsuit.

My spokesman Ben LeBolt had a witty retort:

All I’ll say is that we’re preparing for the charge that Obama flip-flopped when he decided in 2nd grade that he wanted to be an astronaut.

In the industry we call that a zinger. But in all seriousness LaBolt has reminded me of my abandoned dreams of aerospace. That’s why I’m dropping out of the race to pursue my second love — intergalactic space travel.

Where as some astronauts want to maintain the status quo — space station here, moon walk there — I will shake things up.

I remember in second grade thinking wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could find a planet out there (Neptune?) where we could ship all the disgusting girls to. With the remaining men, I will build bridges. Space bridges. They’ll connect Earth to all sorts of cool galaxies where aliens are playing awesome new sports and have cool monster trucks and/or really fast sports car.

Vote Barack Obama for Astronaut in ‘08.

12/4/2007 4:58 PM, Chicago
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i want to travel space, avarage height, avarage weight,
but i dont want an avarage life, infact id give averythig to
prevent me from hving a normal everyday life, i want to travel
amongst the stars and see what no one has seen before,
the one most anoying thing ever is knowing that somthing is
out there, you know something is out there, waiting, but not
being able to see it or tough it or experence it, id love to be able
to do all the things i just said, but the realisation of how slow the
world is developing, just think about it, 30 years ago, just 30
measley perthetic years ago, there was no colour tv,or computers
or DVD, in the thousands of years humanaty has existed, is all
we can show for it is being able to put information on to a piece
of plastic in the shape of a circle, i mean come on, anyway if
anybodys reading this that knows or can help in anyway, you
know what to do, my email address is, thanks, and remember,
ave a very unnormal life.

1/25/2008 3:38 PM