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Headless horse robots in 2012

By Britney Spears

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Have you guys heard all this stuff about how the world’s gonna end in 2012 or whatever? I’m not the kinda girl who’s all up on current events or anything, but I think everyone should know about this story ‘cause the end of the world could affect all of us.

From what I know about it, the experts on 2012 have all these different ideas about what’s gonna happen. I think most people figure there’ll be a zombocalypse (zombie apocalypse), just ‘cause that sounds pretty scientific. That’s what I used to think too, but now I think I know how the world is really gonna end.

Y’all, this is the scariest shit I have ever seen! Seriously, did a bunch of robot scientists sit around, and one of them was like “Hey, let’s make a robot that looks like a totally freaky headless horse,” and then another one’s like “Yeah, and let’s make it sound like a swarm of ticked off killer bees!”


But back to what I was saying. I’ve seen robot movies, and every time humans make robots, they always end up turning against us and destroying everything. If we already have these headless horse robots now, think how many there will be in 2012!

5/5/2008 1:08 PM, Los Angeles
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Barbara Walters:

Well one thing is for sure the buzz around britney loosing her storage at an auction and the guy found a vibrator inside one of her boxes and posted it up on ebay!!!

5/7/2008 3:41 AM