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Hi R. Kelly, I'm here to help :)

By Howie Mandel

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R. Kelly -  I think this is well known, but I am a HUGE fan; so there is nothing more that I want then to see you go free. 

Allow me to throw some advice to your legal team. One simple phrase to the prosecution will clear all this mess up - "agree to disagree".  This gets me out of trouble ALL the time.

"Howie, the movie started at 8:30 - you're late!"...."agree to disagree"

"Howie, why does model #8 keep calling the house and hangs up when I answer?!"...."agree to disagree"

Or in your case "Mr. Kelly - you have been caught kiddi-fiddling"...."agree to disagree"

This is my best tool and now I lend it to you.  It worked wonders when I suggesteed Michael Vick use it with PETA!  Good luck my broth'a (I think this is how they spell brother in street/gang).

-- Howie "I also like 50 cent!" Mandel

5/30/2008 10:52 AM, Los Angeles
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