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Marilyn Manson’s Blog

I like getting head

By Marilyn Manson

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You sick people! I’m not talking about fellatio—I’m talking about decapitating a mannequin and signing a song to its head in front of thousands to people in order to reestablish the fact that I hold no prejudices towards human effigies, and can converse with them as well as any living person. Besides, they don’t talk back.

And yes, it is not merely incidental that she bears a striking resemblance to my girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood. Does it weird her out? Only when I hump its esophagus from the decapitated end—which makes it ‘reverse fellatio’ I guess.

The plaster is somewhat coarse, but hey, I’m an easy going guy.

5/5/2008 11:54 AM, Dayton, Ohio
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that is soo hot. dump the bitch. shes not good enough for you. besides, shes not the girl you think she is

12/13/2008 3:49 AM