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A prison without bars is no prison at all

By Nancy Grace

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Notice “no raping” is not among the household’s rules (New York Magazine)

One town on Long Island is home to 45 sex offenders — 7 of whom live in the same house. It sounds like the perfect situation, except for one thing — they are allowed to go outside.

That’s right, friends. This is not a prison. It’s just a low-cost neighborhood where sex offenders have been congregating, hoping to get a second chance. Second chance? As far as I’m concerned, these men gave up their second chance the first time they committed a crime! What’s the point of second chances if they aren’t reserved for good, law-abiding citizens who wouldn’t commit a crime in the first place?

Sex offenders who often feel that they are unfairly marginalized by a panicked society often feel as if they are living in a prison without bars, and they are right. Which is why we should be erecting more prison bars around Long Island and other sex offender enclaves. Lure them into areas like this and then TRAP THEM so they can’t get out.

Worst of all, the landlord actually tries to justify the IMMORAL SLUM she is running.

We shouldn’t be afraid of the people we know who did this—we should be afraid of the people who didn’t get help yet, didn’t get caught yet.

To be fair, the landlord is half right. We should absolutely be afraid of people who have not been convicted of sexual offenses yet, because STATISTICS SHOW that they will be convicted of a sexual offense sometime in the future. However, we should also be afraid of people who HAVE been convicted of any such offenses, because we KNOW that they did it. In short, be very afraid all the time.

1/10/2008 2:44 PM, New York

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Michelle from Madiso:

Thursday January 10, 2008, Nancy was proven wrong yet again in the case of the DEBRA LaFAVE case. Nancy had made many statements on this case, and every single statement regarding the legalities of the case has proved to be incorrect by Nancy. Ouch. Today, LaFave was found to be in violation of her probation, but allowed to leave with no charges against her being substantiated against her on her record. Too bad Nancy, maybe if you would first learn the facts about a case first, before you yack your jaws, you might having a fighting chance. But, as usual, Nancy is clue-less of the facts and of the Law governing what actions the courts can ultimately impose against LaFave. Too bad Nancy comes across as a complete idiot to those that understand both Law and Psychology. But, at least Nancy is consistent at being wrong. So far, Nancy is running 100% incorrect on her false assertions against victims. And, too bad Nancy continues to victimize victims of crimes. Since Nancy was never a victim of any crime herself, she remains clue-less to the damage she continues to document against even more victims.

1/10/2008 9:31 PM

Michelle from Madiso:

Nancy Grace really screwed up again on Friday January 11th 2008, and every single guest on her show disagreed with Nancy on some point or another. It appears clear that Nancy is yet used to being heavily-medicated as a result of her super-expensive pregnancy where she was implanted with two different eggs from two different donors resulting in two different kids being born simultaneously at the same time, so Nancy can claim they are twins. But, contrary to the facts of that case, those twins are not twins at all. Which further substantiates why that look so different and have different personalities as verified by the hospital administration staff that is actually raising them both. Anyways, Nancy really screwed up on the coverage of the missing marine tonight, and it appears obvious to the informed why Nancy can no longer practice Law anymore anywhere within any of the 50 states of the United States. Plus, with her added medication regiment, it is clear that Nancy cannot even function well enough to even attempt to host a show of this type. Druggies and alcoholics will often remain druggies and alcoholics. CNN might need to take a closer look at this drunken drugged-up bimbo.

1/12/2008 3:17 AM


These people live in a hostile society where they are ridiculed,harrased,and spit on every rime they go into town. Now while others don't deserve second chances others do. And don't you molest your kids.

10/11/2008 6:47 AM