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If I ain't golfing, I'm hanging from a motherfucking tree

By Samuel L. Jackson

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This weekend, a dumb white bitch on the Golf Channel said that young golfers want to lynch Tiger Woods and even though Tiger is as cool as iced tea about the whole thing, Al Sharpton thinks that stupid bitch is worse than Imus. All I got to say to Al is, C’mon man. Bitch didn’t mean white people should rustle up a posse of KKK members before stringing the negro up like he raped Scarlett O’Hara.

This same week, everyone’s bitching about some white guy’s comment that Obama was “shucking and jiving” during a press conference.

If we’re going to elect us a black motherfucking president, the first got-damn thing we got to do is stop being so motherfucking reactionary when someone uses words like “lynch” and “shuck and jive.”

If we are gonna get upset every time some motherfucker on the tv says a so-called “offensive” or “insensitive” word or phrase, we’re gonna spend most of Obama’s presidency being offended by words instead of being offended by an Obama administration.

And hell yeah we’re gonna be offended by his administration. We’re America–we’d get pissed off even if Jesus were president. We always want to lynch, tar and feather, draw and quarter, or crucify our motherfucking leaders. That’s patriotism.

So Al, sit the fuck down. We got some pretty motherfucking important shit to protest against, and it ain’t some poor dumb white bitch on the motherfucking Golf Channel.

1/11/2008 3:18 PM, Los Angeles
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